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💥 We are the Digital Fixers, we teach tech to small businesses. We explain the techie terms, we explore the techie apps and exploit the techie shortcuts to help you get set, get seen and get selling. 

Pick & Fix is our membership program and the quickest way to work with us. We have monthly calls, co-working and more! We focus on SEO, Email Marketing and Googlies (the Google tools). 

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Pick and Fix - Tech Membership for Businesses

Our signature membership programme is here - we create training around our key content pillars, teaching you to master email marketing, the googlies and SEO so you don't have to rely on social media for sales.

In addition to the no-BS content, we have regular trainings in our Facebook group and monthly zoom calls. There are #coworking sessions on Sunday evenings, plus ad-hoc sessions throughout the month.

You need this. It is literally the best investment you can make for your business in 2022.

SEO Training Suite (now included with Pick & Fix)

Welcome to our SEO Training Suite.

This is for clients who have worked with us on SEO and require extra support.

WordPress Training Suite (now included with Pick & Fix)

This training suite is for our clients who have requested training on their WordPress websites.

SEO SOS - Get Found on Google NOW

Getting found on google is the best way to build your business organically, and it doesn't have to be expensive, difficult or techie.

Our SEO SOS course will teach you the basics on being found online, from initial setup through to weekly and monthly to-dos for your business website.

SEO Workshop Replay and Mini Course

Mini course based on our Live SEO Workshop broadcast in January 2020.

Local SEO Workshop Replay and Mini Course

Mini course based on our Local Live SEO Workshop broadcast in January 2020.

Build a Website in Wordpress

Our complete online mini-course on building your website in wordpress. Videos, resources and pdfs will take you through the basics and have your site up and running in no time!

Online Business Toolkit

Your complete online business toolkit - covering web optimisation, getting set up with Google, social media set up and email marketing!

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